Destination Kohler

When my partner suggested that we go to Wisconsin in the middle of March for a quick weekend getaway, I was not on board. I don’t like being cold, I don’t have cold clothes, I didn’t even own a pair of gloves. We normally go south, on a cruise, or somewhere on the coast, or maybe the mountains in Tennessee where you can flirt with the cold without actually being cold cold. 

But here I sit in a horse-themed bar with cheese curds on the menu, and I couldn’t be happier.

I mean, this bar has CHEESE CURDS from Wisconsin. Why did I immediately think of cold and not of cheese?

We’re at The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin, and it snowed this morning. It’s March 18th and it snowed, and it was a beautiful thing to walk through. And then immediately go back inside to the greenhouse for a salted caramel latte.

If you’re thinking, Kohler, that sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s written on your toilet. Yes, that Kohler, the toilet and sink and shower company that actually makes a shit ton of other things. We toured the plant our first morning here; three hours of walking through factories and seeing fire and kilns and artists and clawfoot bathtubs that will eventually live in mansions and bidets that will eventually live in the seedy bar down the street. The tour was cool, but a bit long; if I were to do it again, I’d bring a snack (probably in cheese form) and would have definitely scored some coffee. Would recommend if you love seeing how things work. Watching a huge tub go into a burning inferno and come out glowing with heat was pretty cool. 

The American Club is where the workers lived when the plant was really getting going, and everything is Kohler. The shower is jetted and hot, and they give you robes and slippers and fold your jackets when they clean your room. There’s a bunch of restaurants both at the hotel and in the little downtown area just minutes away. In fact, the hotel will take you there. We ate at the Taverne in one of their little igloos last night, and it was really fun to sit outside in heated chairs and a heated room while we looked out at the frozen lake and the pillowy late-winter snow. I ate mac and cheese which I loved, and cauliflower which I thought I would hate, but it was delicious. I drank two bottles of wine, and regret nothing.

We came up here because B is an accountant and likes to take a luxurious jaunt right after the corporate tax deadline. Last year he went to Marthas Vineyard by himself, but this year I decided to join. Despite the cold, and the flight delay, I had a really lovely time. 

He sleeps most of the time during these trips, because he’s rebooting and can somehow store sleep whereas I’m a monster if I don’t have a solid 8 every single night. So while he rests, I’ve spent my days writing at the Horse and Plow, the hotel bar with friendly bartenders, delicious beer battered cheese curds, and local beers on tap from 3 Sheeps and Good City Brewing. 

We did go into Plymouth, and I’ll share those thoughts in another post. Sneak peek: chEeSE, beer, CHEESE THERES MORE CHEESE.


  • Crowds / Loud Noises – 1
    • Maybe it’s because we’re here in March (I’ve been told summer is busy here) but the place was not crowded. We made dinner reservations, but because of our flight mishap, we had to rearrange them all, and the hotel was so accommodating. The bar has a nice level of chatter, and the restaurants are quaint. There’s been live music, but not loud crowds. 
  • Tight Spaces / Lack of Exit
    • The rooms are a nice size for a hotel, and there are exits everywhere. I have not felt trapped or enclosed in the restaurants (tables are well spread out) and the doors are super easily accessible.
  • Negative Self Talk
    • It’s a really nice hotel, but it’s the midwest. Everyone is SO nice here. And casually dressed. Usually my negative self talk is based off of not feeling as though ‘I belong’ but I have not had a problem here. Jeans, sweaters, sneakers, super casual.
  • Overall Experience
    • I thought I was going to be cold. I whinged about how I don’t know what to do in the cold, and how am I supposed to prepare and I’m going to freeze, but I’m wearing a sweater and jeans and I feel fine. Everywhere is heated; shocking, I know. The guest experience is exceptional, and I never want to leave. Did I mention the cheese? Would give this a 10/10 for calming and cozy vibes.

Three Tier

  • Favorite Stop
  • Anxiety Spot
    • The second we landed I felt peace. I didn’t feel anxiety until about an hour before our flight back. It was travel bliss.
  • Beer of Choice
    • 3 Sheeps Brewing Co – Fresh Coast: It was smooth and citrusy and was such an easy drinking beer