Anxiety Scale

Crowds / Loud Noises 

****** – So fucking crowded I felt like I couldn’t breathe

**** – Overly crowded, but nothing headphones can’t tune out

*** – Standard noise, standard crowd

** – Reasonably quiet and not too bad of a crowd

* – So quiet/not crowded

Tight Spaces / Lack of Exit

****** – Get me the F out of here

**** – More crowded than it should be, and I feel a bit trapped but okay

*** – I can see an exit, but it would take me a bit to get there/crowded

** – I can move around, and I’m not too worried about getting out

* – So much light, so much space, so many exits

Negative Self Talk 

****** – F this place, I’m never going back

**** – I need to get out of here before it gets worse

*** – Okay, so maybe I’m underdressed, and I feel like I haven’t accomplished enough, but I’m fine, I’m okay

** – I feel fine, I’m comfortable, I fit in

* – It’s almost like a cat curled onto my weighted blanket, I feel great

Monetary Fears

$$$$$ -Really fucking expensive

$$$$ – More expensive, and not really worth it

$$$ – More expensive than I think it should be, but worth it

$$ – Pretty standard pricing for travel/feels priced well for what it is

$ – Less expensive/Great value